Street Festivals

The EPS team has extensive Street Fair and Art & Wine Festival experience.

How can we help your event run more smoothly?


Site Layouts

  • Measurement and mapping of event site, locating exhibitor spaces, stage locations, fire lanes, utilities, parking and no-parking areas.

Pre-Event Planning

  • Contact and coordinate with local authorities.
  • Notify all needed utilities and agencies of the event.
  • Coordinate with equipment and services suppliers
  • Manage deliveries, schedule pick-ups

Site Management

  • Tired of being up all Friday night just to get things ready for your weekend festival? EPS can run your set-up so you can be rested and ready for your big event.

Electrical Services

Clean up

  • Staff with brooms, shovels and spill clean-up materials
  • Trash cans, liners, debris boxes


Communications Systems

  • Radios
  • Phone lines
  • Dispatchers
  • Production Trailers

Booths & Canopies

  • Food Booths
  • Beverage Booths
  • Ice Buckets, booth supplies
  • Canopies

Restrooms & Sinks

  • Units delivered to the correct place, as specified on the site plan
  • Restrooms maintained and services during the event
  • Sinks & water hook-ups for food service

Signs & Banners

Stages & Equipment

Tables & Chairs

Critical Review

  • During the event detail problems and possible solutions
  • Review event operations with sponsoring agency

Follow this link to see information specific to street fairs.