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Event Production Services provides generators and electrical distribution equipment for many events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our "per drop" pricing includes all equipment, fuel, installation & removal and technicians on-site throughout the event. We specialize in power distribution systems for street fairs, food vendors and trade shows.

EPS now offers our Electrical Worksheet online!

Food booth electrical distribution. Electric services to booths were run overhead to reduce trip hazards and comply with ADA regulations - Cupertino Art & Wine Festival 1995.

200 Amp food area panel (left) at Festa Italiana in 1994. Cable is run overhead from panel to food booths on "Goal Post" structure (shown pushed back out of the way, center). These panels can be configured with 20Amp - 120v, 30Amp - 120/240V and 50Amp - 120/240V outputs. 200 Amp panel serving as a 50 Amp distribution panel feeding six 6 x 20 amp panels at Redwood Office Supplies event.





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Cable runs that will lead to food booths at Festa Italiana 1993. Red box against the wall is a 225 kVA transformer, that will feed half of this food area. Due to cruise ships schedule generators had to be placed on the other side of the pier, over 300' away. To see this area during the show, click here.

150kVA 480/277v transformer and 24 x 20 Amp distribution panel at Festa Italiana 1993.

40kVA generator and EPS 200 Amp food panel powering the Second Street Food area at the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival.

Standard 6 x 20 Amp distribution panels, GFI & non-GFI - Cupertino 1995.

6 x 20 Amp panel at feeding a row of pipe & drape booths at the Redwood Office Supplies event. Supply cable was run under flooring to avoid crossing paths of travel.


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