EPS Trailers before being hidden, ESPN X Games 2000.

EPS Compound at KFOG Kaboom! Trailer on the right is 10' x 30' Operations Trailer.
Note cameras on top. Across the ramp from the Operations Trailer is the 8' x 20' office
trailer, providing desks and extra working space. Low trailer is Staffing. White office
truck is just visible past trailers.

Another view of the same setup: West end of EPS Compound, KFOG Kaboom! 2002.
White office truck is tied onto ramp and is serving as radio storage.


Office truck can be used as stand alone dispatch or added to ramp. At Kaboom! 2003 radio
distribution was handled here.

Arriving at site, Kaboom! 2003. Ramp sections and steps are on the truck.

Small trailer arriving at Kaboom! 2003, with deck sections.

Trailers positioned, before ramp installation


New EPS radio/video tower, Kaboom! 2003


EPS 50' radio/video tower with 8 cameras on pan & tilt bases, 4 radio antennas, shown
about half way up.

Radio/video tower headed back to the shop. Unit can be operated while on truck.


Check in counter and computer stations on left, ramp to trailers on right. Fourth of July 2002.

Pole mount camera, USS McCampbell 2002


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