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Scheduling & Staffing

If you need to schedule and staff large groups, EPS may have the software solution for you. This system was used successfully during the 2000 ESPN X-Games, to handle over 600 shifts a day, with a total of over 7600 shifts during the run of the show. These shifts were filled by both EPS employees and crews provided by 3 subcontractors.



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Some of the key features are:
  • Bar coded photo ID cards
  • Bar coded Shift Card
  • Multiple networked check in/out stations
  • Real time checks for missing/unfilled shifts
  • Real time checks for late sign outs
  • Tracking of Coats, Radios and other equipment
  • Daily Reports
  • Check against assigning an employee to two shifts on one day
  • Currently the system handles 9 active events at once,
  • Full Multi-user, scheduling for one event can take place while staffing for another is being performed.
  • Employees and contractors may search for and post for shifts on the web. Try it (use "guest" and "2001" as username and password for limited access.

 More (to screen shots and descriptions of the system, still under construction)