Hall of Shame


Festival of Sail

San Francisco Maritime National Park Association

No bills paid yet from the event of July 2008.

Santa's going to have something very special for you all.

Sunbelt Rentals - Belmont California

Andy Anderson
Jeremy Chase

Very poor customer service. Had to resend order to Jeremy over and over and over.

Equipment: Electric cart breaks on the first day of use. The Sunbelt repairman arrived, took out some parts and left. The dead cart was not repaired,
and we had to push it out of the way a few days later. They still want us to pay for the rental....

Bianca Mead
Woody Wilcox
San Francisco Freestyle Motocross

Two people without a clue.


Daryll Elbert
Daryll Elbert, Inc.

On one-days-notice we provided labor for Daryll, who was actually a sub-contractor of DeBoer Structures. Daryll had decided that he
does not need to pay EPS for the 9 days of labor worked by two EPS employees. DeBoer Structures has been no help. 1/15/02


Thomas Morrow
Celebration of Fine Arts

Tom brought a show to San Francisco from Arizona, hired EPS to perform labor including painting, plumbing, permit assistance, etc.
Tom decided that it would be necessary to pack up the whole show and bail out on all his creditors late one Sunday night. 9/97


Michael Fromkin
Mark Graham
Wings of Flight

Decided not to pay for the daily operations work EPS had provided for their event at Pier 45, and further to not pay for the construction
work that they commissioned us to do.