Just providing a "compliant" portable restroom is not enough. How will persons with disabilities get to this restroom? The ramp leading to the restroom area is 4" high with no slope, and ends at the wheels of the restroom trailer. Also, many locations require that the accessible facilities be of the same quality as the other facilities being provided. In the picture above, flush toilets are provided for able bodied guests, but persons with disabilities are only provided with a chemical toilet, assuming they can figure out some way of getting to it. (Stanford University Law School Reunion, 10/2000)

Is your event open to everyone?

These ADA and safety violations were observed at the Old Harbor Festival in San Francisco on June 7, 1998.

Accessible restroom with pothole at entrance.


Is your event free of safety hazards?

Large cable crossing sidewalk


Is your event blocking public paths-of-travel?

Curb cut with cables


Are your stages accessible?

Noncompliant ramp to stage.

Non-accessible stage.