EPS provided electrical, lighting and other services for Michael Hensley Party Rents at Stanford University for Homecoming Weekend at two venues - Wilbur Field and in front of the Law School.

Some of the 30' x 30' and 40' x 40' canopies used at Wilbur Field for the Stanford Law School reunion

EPS Equipment trucks near 40' x 40' canopy frame.

Raised central walkway between canopies. EPS provided lighting for this 300' long walkway.

PAR 64 instruments used for outdoor lighting, mounted on canopy frames.

EPS 48 x 2.4kw dimmer rack, hidden in a canopy behind one of the 40' x 40' canopies.

Main entrance at Wilbur Field event

Inside one of the 30' x 30' canopies at Wilbur Field

EPS provided lighting in the 100' x 60' Law School canopy, used for parties on three nights during Homecoming weekend.