Mission Rock Emergency Homeless Shelter

On February 23, 1998, EPS was asked to take on the job of providing equipment, services and overall project
coordination for the Port of San Francisco and City of San Francisco Department of Public Health for an
emergency homeless shelter for 600 people. The shelter was to open on February 25!

With tremendous help from those involved, especially First Call and Gary Olsen,
head cheese at the Port of San Francisco Maintenance Department, and many of the same suppliers and
contacts that we use for our special events, we were able to start construction 6 hours after being given the job, with a
crew of 30 and 3 truck loads of equipment!

We were able to have the facility ready for the first 200 residents on the evening of February 25, and space for 600
on the 28th.

Andy was the project coordinator, overseeing the design of the project and working closely with suppliers and
sub-contractors. Edward Goehring did a great job, staying in contact with the various City agencies that were involved
with the project. Michelle Kilday and Vicky Walsh handling the huge job of rounding up all the needed materials and

Chuck Fallo handled all of the outside construction, including restroom platforms, ADA compliant ramps, exit
stairways and many other special projects. Graham Schildmeyer returned to assist with various carpentry

Eleanor Holmes and Leigh Christopher helped with painting, cleaning and supervising some of the general
labor crews.

As of March 14, our job is almost complete, with just a little painting to go.

We were not able to take many pictures during the installation, nor get much sleep, but here are a couple.
They were both taken while the canopy top was being placed over one of the restroom areas.




Same time, the canopy is almost in place. EPS provided the 32' x 32' platform that allowed the restrooms to be at
the same level as the building floor as well as the walls that surrounded the restrooms, generators & lift
equipment and the shower trailer (left) and all the associated electrical services. Dave Rauenbuehler
and his team handled all the plumbing needs for these shower trailers. In the foreground are some of the
300 tables that were originally ordered for the shelter.