Festa Italiana 1995

Festa Italiana Museum. Black drapes were used to enclose a 88' x 44' area that featured historic pictures of San Francisco and the Fisherman's Wharf Area. The museum also featured a Feluca, the type of fishing vessel used in the early 1900's.


Electric and gas lines were run over the food vendor work area using "goal posts" to prevent trip hazards.

The Main Aisle facing toward Shed C. The Cabaret stage is on the left and the seating area/park is on the right.

Scenery drops were added above canopies to give some parts of Festa the small Italian town feeling.

The Mercado area of Festa. Scenery drops were painted on site by Eleanor Holmes.

Park and seating area, just off the main aisle at the rear of Pier 45 - Shed A.