Festa Italiana 1993

The Mercado


The Mercado set was one of the largest technical problems of Festa 1993. The entire set was supported from above, the lower 8' could not be installed until the last cruise ship had departed.

The set was 90' long and 40' deep, with 20' returns on the front.

Pier 35 main aisle

Mercado wall sections (gray) stacked ready for assembly.

Set pieces hanging, unpainted

Overhead work begins. Flags are changed to red & green and the right side of the Mercado is in the air.

Main aisle of Pier 35 with red, white and green bunting

Main Aisle bunting well underway, and the left side of the Mercado is in the air.

Mercado set with painting underway

Eleanor Holmes on scissor lift painting the mercado set

Back of Mercado set, showing trusswork

Painting of mercado set continues

Right side of the Mercado, from the rear. Lower sections are test fit and painted, but will be removed before the next ship arrives.

The scissor lift in the Mercado is being used by the artist, Eleanor Holmes, who did all the painting in the air.

Also visable, on the right, is one of the electrical "goal posts", used to carry cable over the food prep area.

One of the scenic drops used in the Bocce Food area is seen rolled up out of the way.

Painting continues, set pieces on floor

Scissor lift in mercado during painting




Behind the mercado set, showing booths and dressing area for adjacent stage

Behind the left side of the Mercado the truss work supporting the set is visable. The canopies were the individual shops of the Mercado. The Children's Stage backstage was here, with dressing rooms and the stage out of the picture to the right.


Cat sitting in the window, part of the Mercado set.

Part of the final Mercado set featured a cat sitting in a second story window.


Tables and chairs in the mercado

Mercado set during the show, from above.

Mercado from overhead, during the show

Right side of the mercado set from the main floor.

Front right corner of the mercado set, during show.