Lester Stephens

Lester Stephens brings a wide range of work experience to the EPS team

Mr. Stephens worked for Pacific Bell for 12 years, 6 year as a supervisor over pre-wire, installation, routing, training of employees.

After retiring from Pacific Bell, he worked for Cutter Labs in Berkeley, becoming the first male to work in their financing Department.

Mr. Stephens started his most recent carrier providing janitorial services with the late D. Rasheed at Eclectic Services (formerly Eye-Magic) quickly taking over the job as field manager for special events.

After Eclectic Services closed, "Stephens Janitorial, A Festival Janitorial Service" was formed to continue to provide hi-quality janitorial services to special events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lester Stephens has managed Janitorial Services for EPS for the last year.


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