The Fisherman's Wharf

Port Tenants Association

Pier 45, Shed A

San Francisco, CA 94133

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The Fisherman's Wharf Port Tenants Association is a nonprofit corporation organized in 1983. The group's purpose is to collectively promote Fisherman's Wharf as a visitor destination, both tourist and local. The Association through its Board of Directors and Executive Director also acts as a liaison to the Port of San Francisco and the City and County of San Francisco regarding issues germane to the group as a whole.

Since 1983, the FWPTA has produced San Francisco's Annual Festa Italiana, the largest event to be produced at Pier 45. Attendance at the Festa is approximately twenty-five to thirty thousand people over the course of three days.

The Association is also a sponsor, and was instrumental in developing, the San Francisco Chronicle Fourth of July Waterfront Festival, an event which encompasses one of the City's largest street closures, i.e. the area between Bay Street and the San Francisco Bay, from Aquatic Park on the West, to Pier 39 on the East. Attendance at this one day event is approximately one hundred fifty thousand people.

Based on its overall production and development experience and the Association's relationship to the Wharf community, the FWPTA can offer and invites prospective producers and promoters to inquire and receive information and bids to provide any of the following services:

¥ Liaison with local businesses and merchant groups.

¥ Liaison with the Port of San Francisco and the City and County of San Francisco.

¥ Event development and production, including:

¥Site Planning, layout and drawing, to ensure your event is in compliance with building codes, to current ADA regulations (Disability issues, e.g., ramps, access, etc.), and to Fire and Safety codes.

¥Permits. FWPTA has established working relationships with the Port of San Francisco Fire Marshall and Engineering Department, and City of San Francisco Health Department.

¥Equipment. Producing events at Pier 45 can present some unique challenges, requiring special equipment or services not normally needed for most special events. FWPTA can provide many of these specialized pieces, including:

¥Exit Ramps - required for all but smallest events, these provide for additional emergency exiting into the "valley" area.

¥Emergency Exit "Crash" Doors - to provide clear emergency egress while providing a means of controlling access from the exterior of the shed.

¥Communications Systems - Radios & Event wide public address systems to facilitate smooth operations throughout the venue and provide for public safety announcements.

¥Event Equipment and services available through FWPTA:

¥Stages, with ramps or lifts to comply with ADA accessibility requirements.

¥Electrical distribution equipment, including generators.

¥Theatrical lighting equipment, drapes and scenery.

¥Sound systems for any size event.

¥Restrooms, potable water services.

¥Food booths and canopies.

¥Dance Floors.

¥Food and beverage management.





¥Sponsor Development



Michael Gallette - Fisherman's Wharf Port Tenants Association - (415) 673-4143 - Fax 673-3870

Andy Kilday - Operations Manager - (415) 346-2381 - Fax 346-2362