Office Trailer 10' x 30'


10' x 30' trailer - (on right)

Ideal for larger event, emergency command posts, security operations. Our 10' x 30' trailer features one large
room with work stations for up to 5 people. This room features 4 large color video monitors that can be configured
to display a wide variety of program material. Each work station has a UHF radio base station with foot key switches
and headset/microphones. The headsets not only carry the radio traffic for each work station, but have 4 other
channels that can be configured to provide additional information to each station.

The smaller room has work space for 3 people. One of these spaces has the a base radio and the same
headset system as in the larger room. This area also has all the security video control, including pan & tilt
controls, video switchers and some video editing equipment.

Workspace for up to eight people

  • One large room with
  • One smaller room with
    • Three one person work stations
  • Communications room
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Flashlights
  • Wall Clocks
  • Wipe-Off Board
  • Chalk Board
  • Two stairways
  • ADA Ramp
  • Windows on one side
  • Electrical input on hitch end
  • Phone connections in communications room


Beverage Booths




Dance Floor


Electrical Distribution



Food Booths


Tent Heaters


Lights and sound

Metal Detectors

Office Trailers

Pipe & Drape Booths


Propane Systems



Booth Signs and Banners




Tables & Chairs


Tent Heaters

Utility Carts


Wheelchair Lifts

Equipment Worksheet

Electrical Worksheet

Drayage Request Form





  • Telephone
    • Capacity for up to 25 phone lines
    • Includes up to eight 4 line phones
    • Additional rj-11 blocks for fax or modem
  • Radios
    • Six UHF 16 channel Base Radios
      • Headset Microphones
      • Foot key switches
    • one at each work station
    • headset system at each workstation for
      • UHF radios
      • 4 assignable inputs
    • Antenna Connections for other Radios
    • Three programmable ICOM hand held radios
  • Scanners
    • Five programmable scanners
    • One trunk tracking scanner
    • Scanner outputs can be patched to headset system
  • Recording


  • Three iMac computers
  • One Mac G3 server with
    • FileMaker Pro server
    • Full compliment of EPS event software
      • Contacts
      • Expenses
      • Staffing & Scheduling
      • Project Management
      • NU2D Messaging system
      • Hotline Messaging system
    • CD burner
  • One Mac 7100 with Paper Port
  • One Mac 660av with video capture
  • Laser printer
  • Ethernet connections at all work stations

Computer Network

  • rj-45 blocks for Ethernet
  • Two 16 port Ethernet routers
  • One 4 port DSL router
  • DSL Modem
  • Optional ISDN/Dial up router
  • Multi-user dial up router ready



  • 100A 3 phase cam-lock primary input
  • 100A 3 phase transfer switch with generator remote start
  • Exterior
    • Two 50A outlets
    • Four 20A Edison outlets
    • Four 300w Quartz lights
  • Interior
    • Six 20A plug circuits
    • Two UPS units

Basic Office Supplies

  • Paper
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Staplers
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Hi-Lite Pens


  • Fax Machine
  • Copier available
  • Additional iMac computers
  • Color Jet Ink Printer
  • Laminator 11" x 17"
  • Binding Machine

At KFOG Kaboom! 2002. Ramps and decks have been removed in preparation for travel. The Operations Trailer is on the
right, Finance office trailer is on the near left, the 8' x 20' office trailer is on the far left, Office Truck in the distance.

At KFOG Kaboom 2002, showing finance trailer and 8' x 20' office trailer.